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Paul Nolan Celebrant

G'day, I'm Paul. 

I am a simple country boy at heart, who grew up in the western districts of Victoria in Meredith. I have been (and still are) happily married to my amazing wife, Simone. She also doubles as my ceremony side-kick and together we share 4 amazing children. Simone and I are making a formidable "wedding ceremony" team together and I can't do what I do without her (she is also a lot of fun and the smart one).

I have been to many weddings and probably can't remember much about the most important part - the ceremony. At one such wedding I mentioned "that I could do that celebrant thing and liven things up a bit". Simone kept to me "Pinot Noir" fuelling statement and "nekminut" - here I am! 

I am very young at heart - Simone tells me that I am only 26 - just trapped in a 50 something body. I love my sport and actively play tennis and "Super Fools" AFL football as well as watching my lot ply their craft at their sporting activities.

My Motto - Life is way too short so - get stuck in and enjoy! 

Ps: I love border collies, I'm a big Louie Armstrong & Aerosmith fan and Go Roos!! 

Paul Nolan Celebrant
Paul Nolan Celebrant
Paul Nolan Celebrant

Geelong, Australia      |     Mobile 0408 462 579    |

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