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Paul Nolan Celebrant

My role is to take care of everything relating to your wedding ceremony. It is a massive day for you both so it is important that you relax, look after one another and your families and those important to you. You just let me worry about the ceremony stuff.

1st Thing - Let's Catch Up

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with me, my personality and views on wedding ceremonies. Pretty much you gotta like me. If you do and want to proceed - fantastic - let's lock in your date!

2nd Thing - Let's Create A Ceremony

Always great to sit down together in relaxed surrounds and together, create your ceremony and your vision for the day. This is always fun and together we get the creative juices flowing. My role is to guide you and direct you through the ceremony processes and help you end up with the ceremony that you have always dreamed of and wanted. This process can be done over as many catch ups as required - once I am engaged, I am pretty much at your disposal 24/7.

3rd Thing - The Moment 

This is now when everything comes together - the moment. The best bit when I get to pronounce you husband & wife, wife & husband, married women, married men or spouse & spouse. My job along with Simone, now that the day has arrived is to ensure that we deliver our promise and commitment to you. A stress-free day with the perfect ceremony as you have wanted and planned. You both let Simone and I take care of everything - you just enjoy the moment! 



We decided to keep it a secret from everyone and Paul was wonderful at playing along. 

We couldn’t recommend Paul more, he genuinely makes an effort to individualise the day and get to know you. 

The Pettrigroves

Geelong, Australia      |     Mobile 0408 462 579    |

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